AlureVe Instant Perfection

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Smooth and lift your skin in just seconds and for years to come with AlureVé Instant Perfection. This unique formula starts working in seconds, smoothing and sculpting away lines, wrinkles, bags and puffiness, then works over time to help correct and prevent the signs of aging including dark circles, sagging, bags, lines, crow’s feet and more. 

1 – 15 mL AlureVé Instant Perfection

How to Use AlureVé Instant Perfection:
1. Clean and dry skin thoroughly. 
(NOTE: the AlureVé Instant Perfection sculpting effect may not work if it encounters other ingredients when applied to the skin; so clean, dry skin is essential.)

2. Apply a very small amount (size of a small pea) to entire eye area (below, around temples, on lids). Rub in thoroughly (this is also key to the product working effectively). 

3. Let it go to work and dry thoroughly for ten to fifteen minutes and watch the perfection happen! 
(NOTE: different people’s skin reacts differently to the active ingredients in this product so you may see some variation of sculpting on different people. Also, using too much product on the skin can interfere with the sculpting effect—less is more! )

4. Apply serum around the areas where Instant Perfection has been applied—NOT directly over it. 
(NOTE: because of the penetrating mechanisms in AlureVe’s serum, applying serum directly on top of AlureVé Instant Perfection may interfere with the sculpting effect of the product.)

5. Once it’s thoroughly dry, apply any day cream or makeup on top and go! 

FYI - The Instant effect lasts approximately six hours, but the long term corrective and preventative benefits will nourish skin throughout the day. 

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Unlike instant products that only give you a quick pick-up, then leave you wanting more, AlureVé Instant Perfection contains a revolutionary long-term corrective ingredient called Beautifeye™. A complex made of natural extracts from the Persian Silk Tree and St. Paul’s Wort, Beautifeye™ helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish visible dark circles by improving vein strength, improves elasticity, puffiness, sagging, bags, and has been clinically proven to actually help lift the upper eye lids—without surgery.