Take Our 6 Tank Challenge!

XFT has logged over 3 Billion miles (5 Billion Kilometers) of successful engine operation. This equates to over 65 million hours of engine run time with XFT in the tank. It is amazingly effective and perfectly safe. It’s an ideal product for both individuals and business owners. Take our six tank challenge now and find out for yourself.

Thousands of people around the world have chosen to challenge the benefits of XFT:

  • - Fuel Economy
  • - Horse Power
  • - Engine Longevity
  • - Emissions

After 6 tanks of fuel, the results speak for themselves as thousands of consumers all over the world now use XFT every time they fill up their tank.

Bottle 6 Tank Challenge

Only $34 (USD)

Foil Pack 6 Tank challenge

Only $38 (USD)

Typical Results

"Not only do we get better fuel economy but our older car doesn't rattle as much at stop lights"

- Sarah USA

"Better fuel economy, better emissions, and I can feel the difference while I drive, all I can say is XFT works!!!"

- Dale, JAM

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